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Daily Non-Stick Premium Cookware Set

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  • Pans with Stone Marble coating
  • Anti-stick coating that is made from a mixture of zirconium and ceramic
  • Stone Marble coating is stronger and more durable, suitable for many Malaysian cuisine that contains many spices, spices, acids, salt and sugar
  • Stone Marble coating is also certified Non PFOA & APEO, as well as free of other hazardous materials
  • Functional with luxurious European Design
  • Printed with premium die-casting technology, with Korean Technology
  • The sizes of pans are able fit a family meal
  • With 10 Coating Anti-Sticky Stone Marble Coating is an anti-adhesive coating mixed with Zirconium & Ceramic materials such as biotite to be more durable against scratches and abrasions
  • Coating is stronger and more durable, suitable for Malaysian cuisine that contains many spices, acids and sugars
  • Resistant Scratches with beautiful 3D motifs on the surface of the pan
  • Easy to clean
  • Bakelite handle, which is not easily heated
  • Mature evenly with little or no oil
  • Certified free from PFOA & APEO



  • 1x 28cm Wok Pan with Lid
  • 1x 28cm Frying Pan
  • 1x 23cm Square Grill Pan