Food as the Center of the Family

Food has always been the one element that can bring family members together, regardless of their differences. Perhaps that is why festivals and special occasions revolve around food - it's hard to stay angry at someone if you're savoring food from the same communal pot. My Cooking Story wants to inspire you to create your family's own unique cooking story. We want you to bond with family members in the kitchen, whether it's over stirring curries, frying chicken, or baking pineapple tarts. 

Food as the Glue that Binds the Community Together

More so than anything, food can unite a whole nation. Witness it for yourself when Malaysians who constantly bicker over politics suddenly come together to defend rendang after a judge on a British cooking show criticized it for being not crispy. On a smaller scale, sharing food with a new neighbor has always been the best way to welcome them. Who wouldn't be interested in their neighbor's culture after sampling some of their mouthwatering Hokkien Mee?